What are the common causes of mechanical stops?

Mechanical watch, by automatic Tuo any direction of rotation can be tighten the winding of the automatic action of the mechanism (in the transparent bottom cover table visible). It is conceivable that only the watch worn on his hand, with the arm movement, automatic Tuo also will produce energy. General mechanical watches should be worn in the hands of 8 hours a day to make up the winding energy, but not absolute. Recommended holidays have to wear mechanical replica watches uk, only to wear in the hands of the clock to add energy, the table will not stop. Now there is widespread work in the office of people, mechanical watch table often stop phenomenon, in addition to movement reasons, because the wearer's lack of exercise, can not add enough energy to the winding, for such reasons, Make up the winding method to make up. What are the rules for maintenance of mechanical watches? First, in the maintenance of the mechanical parts of the maintenance or replacement, for the replacement of parts under the maintenance of all authorized units. Second, if the non-mechanical watches authorized maintenance point of the product to open, modify the product failure caused by the warranty is not within the scope. Third, according to the mechanical rolex replica package within the use of maintenance instructions, the warranty does not include any due to the belt, table appearance of the normal wear and tear damage. Fourth, the mechanical watch exposed to the extremely high temperature or very low environment, the crown without locking and other conditions, are likely to lead to moisture into the table even into the liquid, improper operation does not belong to the scope of mechanical watch warranty. 5, please keep the mechanical watch certificate, mechanical rolex replica watches warranty card and other documents, do not open the case and the battery back cover in order to get effective perfect after-sales service, if the maintenance certificate was changed or modified, the company reserves the refusal to provide warranty service s right.